Hi Pathfinders! Yes pathfinders, because you’ve chosen to join me on this journey that is Pathway or at least I hope you do. This is a lengthy ‘About’ page but I want to make sure you capture the heart of Pathway. Please stick around and snoop about the site – hopefully you find something that keeps you coming back 🙂 

About Pathway

I couldn’t possibly tell you about Pathway without mentioning a little bit about my journey.

At 20, after deciding to let go of my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, I obsessively pondered on what to do after university and often wondered about all the decisions and actions that got me to studying Chemical Engineering at university and if it was the right thing to do.

Post University, exposure to people with more life experience and copious consumption of material about life and ‘work’, revealed diverse options for work and livelihood and what was most intriguing were the even more diverse pathways different people took to get to the same or different places.

When Pathway was initially started in 2017, I wanted it to be a place where I shared stories about people and their journey in finding their ‘what’ – whether that ‘what ‘came in the form of work/livelihood, purpose or passion. I wanted to encourage and inspire myself and others seeking the same answers I was.

Life soon taught me that finding meaningful work didn’t exist within its own ecosystem. I learnt from personal experiences and stories of others, that there is so much more that affects the journey to finding meaningful work and even sustaining it and thriving in it once found.

It’s the same fundamental idea in embarking on any kind of journey. In travelling from one country to another on holiday, things like planning an itinerary, weather conditions, knowledge of air–travel rules, who you sit next to on a plane, who you meet whilst travelling, the quality of accommodation booked at the holiday destination, unexpected changes to the social climate of the holiday destination, planned and unplanned experiences during the holiday etc., all somehow shape the primary aim of getting from point A to B and even affect the experiences at point B.

In life, the list is endless. Things like ideas, opinions and perspectives, belief systems and paradigms, practical knowledge, relationships, money and finances, opportunities, luck, habits, values etc. all play a part in the journey to finding meaningful work and thriving in it. Sometimes a pathway isn’t just about the route to finding meaningful work. It’s also about navigating through everything else on the way and gaining success or satisfaction with all these other peripheral things.

So this is Pathway – A home for stories and ideas. Stories about finding meaningful work and ideas to enable us find it and totally dominate.

What can you expect from Pathway?

1) A Non-Prescriptive self-improvement-ish blog

Due to the innate, inexplicable need for humans to categorise or organize things, I have thought long and hard about what kind of blog Pathway is. Popular opinion would place it somewhere on the self-developement spectrum.

Although I am a consumer of self-improvement/developement material, I have a love-hate relationship with it, due to its mostly prescriptive delivery style and continuous perpetuation of the idea that we are helplessly broken and always need to be fixed – I mean that’s what makes it a 5 billion dollar industry eh?

At Pathway, you can expect that any ideas presented will be authenticated and presented with human experiences and are not intended to be assimilated prescriptively.

In the words of  Roman emperor; Marcus Aurelius, ‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth’. So take in what works for you, challenge what you’re unsure about and drop what you know is not for you.

2) A whole lot of chatter about books

One of the broadest and deepest sources for opinions and perspectives are from books and lucky for you, guess who is a prolific reader? Expect lots of posts inspired by literary pieces spanning everything from fiction to deeply philosophical work by well recognised thought leaders.

3) Diverse perspectives and stories

At the time of writing, Pathway has mostly been based on ideas inspired by my personal experiences and books I’ve read. As I am dedicated to broadening my development pool and making this a more informative platform for others who choose to visit Pathway, expect more stories and ideas based on experiences from different individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Who is is Pathway for?

For anyone figuring out and navigating meaningful work (whatever that means to you) and life.

About me


I am Jennifer, Chief Pathfinder at Pathway. A bit of existential angst, a need to create and frustrations in failing to successfully computationally model a part of an aircraft engine led me to start Pathway. I currently work in Switzerland but my primary place of residence is somewhere in England. I am British, a 100% Nigerian and probably 4.3% Asian. I am a self-proclaimed popcorn connoisseur, former wanna-be Astronaut and a story lover. When I am not obsessing over figuring out meaningful work, I am researching what book to read next and fantasizing about a time when my lifestyle habits will finally lead to me wearing a bikini comfortably.