A little reminder to have faith – Lessons from my doorstop


Have faith as it defines itself in your heart.

The Crash

Inspiration Revelation can from anywhere.

I had just moved to a new city for work and I was temporarily put up in a lovely flat until I could find a more permanent place. I had to provide my card details (as is done with some hotels) as insurance, in case I damaged anything in the flat. Anyone who knows me well, knows I can get very anxious about my money so I was determined to leave the flat without so much as a scratch.

Once, as I was going into the bedroom, I accidentally pushed the bedroom door too hard and it was one of those situations where everything sort of went in slow motion because I realised I was probably going to damage the wall and that meant I was most likely going to loose some money and somehow (as things always ironically are in slow motion),  I didn’t have enough time to catch the door and stop it from hitting the wall.

The door hit the wall.

I cringed.

No. Correction, I had been cringing from the moment I pushed the door open and realised it was going to crash into the wall. Dramatic; I know, but this was my money and all I could think was ‘it’s gonna crash and my money’s going with it’.

Nothing happened.

The door hit the wall and nothing happened. No loud bang. No obvious bits of plaster or wood flying about from the impact, nothing.

In my state of shock, I slowly pulled the door back to see the extent of the damage.

There was no damage.

I looked along the length of the door and focused just behind the door handle where I thought the most damage would be. Nothing. Then my eyes scanned further down and I saw this…. Thing…?

The Thing

You guessed right.

The thing was a doorstop, but it’s a huge deal to me because at the time, I didn’t know it was a  doorstop.

Let me explain.

I had seen doorstops enough times to know they are ‘things’ and fleetingly ponder on their purpose but not enough to actually know their purpose. I’m sorry. This is the simplest explanation I can manage.

This is either extremely clueless or embarrassing but honestly up till this point, I don’t think I had formed any ideas in my mind as to what this ‘thing’ I’d always seen but never quite known its purpose, was.

Maybe I knew what it was subconsciously… I don’t know. I am just trying to save face at this point.

As I stood there staring and grateful for this ‘thing’; feeling something  between complete panic and mild confusion as to why there was no damage, it hit me. This thing was a doorstop!

No, you don’t understand. I was so grateful. Grateful that this thing I’d always seen but never quite known why it was in any given place, was actually there.

At the time when I needed it the most, it was there. Just like it had always been there on different occasions despite my ignorance.

Ignorance, which was born from never having to panic about smashing a wall before.

Let’s not forget the important part – I would live to see an extra £x that might have been taken if I had smashed the wall.

The Revelation

My panic, dissipated. The mild confusion slowly transformed to pleasant surprise, which then blossomed into happiness at the thought of me not losing any money.

As I calmed down, I had an epiphany. I somehow managed to draw parallels between what had just happened and life.

I often wonder what the purpose of certain things or occurrences in my life are and if they are to no end or for a greater purpose.

The doorstop taught me that the value of some things are sometimes not understood or even recognised until they are most needed; a reminder to have a little faith and trust the process.

Words: Jennifer


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